Sepalluna-Ji, enlightened canine master, watches benevolently over those dear souls who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge to await reunion with their people. We think of BooBoo-Ji as our loving shepherd, who welcomes those who have passed over and keeps our little group together. Who knows how many canine souls her Perfect Love actually looks after and cares for? This we can't know, but on this page are listed those that we can think of, just as a small memorial to the many dogs that have loved us and touched our lives, and to the great heart of our good shepherd BooBoo-Ji.


BooBoo-Ji's Watch List

Seppala and Atholl Kennels 2008 - present (Susan and J. Jeffrey Bragg, Rossburn, Manitoba)
[Together with satellite or spinoff kennels]

Wawanesa of Seppala
Zorka of Seppala
Zaki of Seppala 2nd
Polara of Seppala
Ranulf of Seppala
Markov of Seppala
Anastasia of Seppala
Cocù de Sa.Ra.Be de Cal Segù
Happy of Seppala
Chenuk of Seppala
Hippy of Seppala
Chena of Seppala
Tonya of Seppala
Yolanda of Seppala
Queequeg of Seppala
Ditko de Sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segù
Dushka de Sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segù
Kolyma of Seppala
Collen de Sa.Ra.Be. de Cal Segù
Alana of Seppala
Lenin of Seppala
Lev of Seppala
Misha of Seppala
Dina of Seppala 2nd

Howlin Hills Fox Maule Ramsay
Singing Woods Crossing Mollyockett
Tullibardine Ballarat
Perry Greene Bates Argenta
Tullibardine Silver Chief
Tullibardine Cedar
Tullibardine Sabre
Tullibardine Power
Tullibardine Pearl of Perth
Tullibardine Suffolk Punch
Tullibardine Covak
Tullibardine Mustang
Bowerbank Jake
Tullibardine Red Sparkle
Tullibardine Black Bear
Tullibardine Bear of Oakland
Tullibardine Purple Zurple
Tullibardine Fluffy
Tullibardine Little Nome
Tullibardine Awasos
Tullibardine Samson
Tullibardine Nunavut

Helen of Seppala
Poland Spring Canes Venatici
Pavel of Seppala
Grigor of Seppala
Olaf of Seppala
Valianka of Seppala
Anna of Seppness
Ascot of Seppness
Pyotr of Seppala
Tullibardine Baby Kenai
Atholl Prince of Manitoba
Kingeak of Seppala 4th
Krevanka of Seppala
Korek of Seppala 2nd
Uelen of Seppala
Basko of Seppala
Zharko of Seppala
Delzene of Seppala
Pia of Seppala
Alyosha of Seppala
Makwa of Seppala
Dushka of Seppala 3rd
Poland Spring Centaurus of Seppala
Arkady of Seppala
Erik of Seppala
Elrond of Seppala
Echo of Seppala
Halo of Seppala
Wasagaming of Seppala


Tucker (Ed Dahlgren)

Seppala Kennels 1993 - 2007 (Grizzly Valley, Yukon Territory)

Grizzly of Sepp-Alta
Norde of Sepp-Alta
Karcajou's Dreama of Windigo
Dally of Seppa-Alta
Xpace of Seppalta
River View's Sprite
River View's Crobar
River View's Hurley
Kidron of Spirit Wind
Zirconia of Sepp-Alta
Fireball of Sepp-Alta
Ego of Sepp-Alta
Wind de Cal Segu
Trelka iz Sibrt "Murka"
Anakawa's Ivy
Shakal iz Solovyev
Jinx of Seppala

Zoltan of Seppala
Zar of Seppala
Zaza of Seppala
Surgut of Seppala
Skivar of Seppala
Sunday of Seppala
Stara of Seppala
Splash of Seppala
Stinx of Seppala
Timochenko of Seppala
Yobo of Seppala
Xaire of Seppala
Jompa of Seppala
Haakon of Seppala
Hoppy of Seppala
Holly of Seppala
Magick of Seppala
Norka of Seppala
Nutok of Seppala
Bolshoi of Seppala

Nyura of Seppala
Nera of Seppala
Ozero of Seppala
Okhotnik of Seppala
Palekh of Seppala
Roka of Seppala
Quewolf of Seppala
Mokka of Seppala
Minka of Seppala
Larissa of Seppala
Aristos of Seppala
Hector of Seppala
Hibernia of Seppala
Heidi of Seppala
Oka of Seppala
Ninnis Sabrina Two
Ninnis Whisper

J. Jeffrey Bragg and Isa Boucher 1990 - 1993 (Els Masos de Llimiana, Tremp, Lleida, Spain)



Bali du Desert Blanc
Zero's Sugar
Zero's Courser
White Wolf's Cocaine

Markovo Kennels 1969 - 1975 (Oxford Station, Ontario, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Ditko of Seppala
Duska of Seppala
Shango of Seppala
Tony of Seppala
Pietro of Seppala 2nd
Lyl of Sepsequel
Frostfire Anisette
Malamak's Okleasik
Patou of Monte Alban
Asari of Manahtok
Haakon of Markovo
Helen of Markovo
Holly of Markovo

Nutok of Markovo
Norka of Markovo
Nura of Markovo
Nera of Markovo
Nooya of Markovo
Wawa of Markovo
Xaros of Markovo
Xaire of Markovo
Xenda of Markovo
Zeita of Markovo
Zaza of Markovo
Zaki of Markovo

Surgut of Markovo
Shango of Markovo
Sly of Markovo
Sikku of Markovo
Markovo's Maraq
Marko of Markovo
Mia of Markovo
Minka of Markovo
Mokka of Markovo
Raga of Markovo
Reba of Markovo
Robin of Markovo
Dina of Markovo

Elisabeth LeSueur Bush 1967 - 1973 (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Dello's Keewatin Chukchi

Keewatin's Kodiak

Keewatin's Jude

Tadluk Kennels 1968 - 1973 (Pefferlaw, Ontario and Oxford Station, Ontario)

Ch. Troika's Boika
Ch. Racecrest's Openwood Thunder
Ch. Snomound's Natasha
Ch. Snow Ridge Chiefson
Alakazan Zhoolik O'Racecrest
Snow Ridge Koda
Tonto of Calivali
Star of Calivali
Sepp of Anadyr
Laska of Anadyr
Fox of Anadyr
Cheenah's Thrush
Kenatim's Star of Mer-Lake
Ne-Tuk's Vulcan of Manahtok

Kamenka's Bonzo
Nanook's Nadja
Warlock's Hector of Kadatuk
Ch. Tadluk's Anastaz "Andy"
Tadluk's Boika Replica
Tadluk's Boyarka "Patches"
Tadluk's Dina
Tadluk's Davik
Tadluk's Dalka
Tadluk's Eeloo
Tadluk's Emba
Tadluk's Erik
Ch. Tadluk's Edmonton "Monty"
Ch. Tadluk's Flidget
Tadluk's Fridtjof
Tadluk's Freya

Tadluk's Graybo "Boof"
Tadluk's Gimli
Tadluk's Glint
Tadluk's Ivan
Tadluk's Jan
Tadluk's Jompa
Tadluk's Kobe
Tadluk's Kotlik
Tadluk's Kasha
Tadluk's Leif Ericson
Tadluk's Ozero
Tadluk's Oka
Tadluk's Rouss
Tadluk's Romanov

Companions, farm dogs, etc. 1950 - 2000

Openwood's Jericho Velvet "Jerry" (Am. Cocker Spaniel)
Openwood's Honey (Am. Cocker Spaniel)
Lou (Pointer)
Buck (Pointer)
Brownie (Pointer)
Tip (Catahoula Hound)

Jiandis Winds of Nepachee "Windy" (Samoyed)
Roy (Redtick Hound)
Music's The Good Guy (Smooth Fox Terrier)
Fawn (coyote)

Enzo de Jamani-Jueli (Berner Sennenhund)
Gaby v. Waldgruss (Berner Sennenhund)
Seppala's Heidi (Berner Sennenhund)
Lost (GSD cross)
Sara (Bouvier des Flandres)
Sally (Bouvier des Flandres)

Tullibardine Farm Chinooks 1992 - 2006 (New Sharon, Maine)

Northdown Lady
Northern Lights Comet
Northdown Lance
Tramp (Percheron/Morgan Draught Horse)

Northdown Ootah
Northdown Denali 2nd
Mountain Laurel Bowerbank BB
Northdown Triska
Lightning (Siberian Husky)

Northdown Sabre
Northdown Nugget
Tullibardine Safety
Perry Greene Natanis


And most of all, those whose names are forgotten,
those who had to be put down,
the puppies who were taken by sickness,
and the stillborn who never even had a name.
All of these are special to BooBoo-Ji.


Sri Ramana jaya jaya
Sri Gangaji jaya jaya
Sri BooBoo-ji jaya jaya

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Om namah shivaya
Om namah shivaya
Om namah shivaya