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Ditko of Seppala (1969)

Ditko of Seppala (1969)



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DARKA OF SEPPALA is a unique bitch. She is one of our most primitive females, very wolfish in appearance and behaviour. She is totally bonded to Jeffrey. A highly-skilled broodbitch, she was dam of our "X" litter which produced several very fine SSSDs; and of a Chinook Cross litter which looks it may become the mainstay of any future Chinook breeding that Atholl Kennels may manage to do. Darka is one of those rare dogs with a high degree of individual integrity.

Born 16 January 2005, Darka was sired by Zaki of Seppala 2nd (Shakal iz Solovyev x Norde of Sepp-Alta) out of Lara of Seppala (Sepallop x Kolyma of Seppala). She is a F2 integration SSSD, three-quarters Markovo-Seppala and one-quarter Solovyev new Siberia import stock. Darka is an excellent well-trained sleddog.

Darka, too, is to a certain extent a product of Jeffrey's "girlfriends system" of sleddog training and socialisation. Given her choice, she would remain at my side at all times; unfortunately that is difficult because most other bitches do not like her. She has been attacked repeatedly by other Seppala and Chinook females and generally winds up the loser of the battle. She is highly intelligent and independent, but extremely and exclusively bonded to Jeffrey. She's one of the best mothers I've ever seen, right up there with Kolyma and old Collen. She whelped her "Seppinook" Chinook Cross litter entirely without the least bit of assistance; she gently let me know that she wanted no help, so I lay on the bed and just watched the show and never had to touch a thing. Darka is a very affectionate gal of whom I'm extremely fond. Fortunately she and Number One Girlfriend Lizaveta get along well together.


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